Seasonal Vehicle Safety Checks

With each change of season we should be paying special attention to our Cars, Vans and Trucks no matter what size,
Before we see the arrival of wet or cold conditions, one of the first things we should be checking is what is between the driver and the highways surfaces. Tyres are critically important and need to be in good serviceable condition year round. Ensure there is sufficient tread and the walls of all tyres are free of any damage. Regularly check the pressures and inflate as required.
Do not hesitate to replace worn tyres with good quality and have the wheels rebalanced. Any excessive premature wear on one side of the tyre needs further diagnosis to correct the problem, possibly by having the wheels realigned. Any fully equipped tyre service centre will be able to advise.
Transport Vehicles maintained to the highest safety standards are a must for all Beginning To End Logistics Fleet Operators and it should be the same for all road users, to ensure there are no accidents, injuries or fatalities.
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