The Perth Freight Link is a planned infrastructure project involving the extension of the Roe Highway and development of major roads to connect freight from the Fremantle Port to Perth’s key industrial areas of Kewdale, Welshpool and Canning Vale. This is the key access route for transporting goods from agricultural regions and to resources industries in the north of WA.

The $1.6 billion project, jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments, is the largest road infrastructure development undertaken in the state. The project’s main goals were to resolve the issues of growth in freight traffic on mixed use routes and the issue of reduced freight efficiency and productivity. The mix of heavy and light vehicles using the roads was resulting in increased crashes involving heavy vehicles, and more ‘stop-start’ traffic as a result of the large number of traffic lights.

The benefits of the Perth Freight Link were that it would improve safety and productivity for freight transportation whilst reducing congestion and road noise. There would also be flow-on benefits to the logistics and transportation industry, its consumers and the wider community in terms of reduced operating costs for the transport industry, freer flowing traffic movement, environmental benefits due to reduced exhaust emissions and improved access to the Murdoch and Fiona Stanley Hospital areas.

However, the project has reached an impasse with a disagreement between the State Government and the transport industry on the decision to impose a toll on the roads. This has resulted in delays in the commencement of the second stage of the project, which involves the development of the roads from the Kwinana Freeway to Fremantle.

It is not yet certain how this deadlock will be overcome, but both sides are currently in discussions. There remain still some issues to be resolved, including the finalisation of the route for the Perth Freight Link. However, considering the substantial benefit that the Perth Freight Link would bring to all stakeholders, including the logistics industry and the general public, Beginning to End Logistics remains optimistic that a compromise will be reached.

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