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What is business development and how is it achieved? For many large organisations that are forever looking out for shareholder value and large profits, BDM’s (Business Development Managers) will be employed and money allocated to advertising budgets and other “promotions”.

That is all fine, but what about SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises)? What do they do?

At Beginning To End Logistics we have been “Leading The Way” since our inception. That is why it is our Company motto and so is applied to all areas of our customers operations.

With such service resulting in repeat, satisfied clients, it is great when good old fashioned referrals are received and the same great service is provided to the new client.

This is the best and most economical way to grow business organically. The costs are low and our referrals are given the same close attention so our Clients need not look elsewhere for their Transport and Logistics needs.

Think of any great service you have received in the past. Did you return? Of course you did. Did you tell your friends about your great experience and make a glowing recommend? Absolutely. It could have been at a Restaurant, on holiday or when some repairs or maintenance was required.

These experiences can happen in your Business, Professional or Personal life. A referral to a Dentist over Twenty years ago by a friend who spoke very highly about the care and treatment provided resulted in a lifelong patient. Every Six months an appointment was made for a check and clean as required. If anything else such as a filling or even extraction was required, this was made clear from the outset with the costs quoted and the service duly performed. This Dentist’s business development was simply taking great care of the clients without any expensive and unnecessary fees.

It is the same at BTEL every day. We become lifelong partners with our Clients and are happy when others are referred to us.

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