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If you’ve been in the situation where you must be at a certain place at a definite time and your ground transport provider has not shown up at the booking time, it is likely you were very unhappy.

It may have been early morning when many flights depart and you needed to arrive in sufficient time to check in and proceed to your boarding gate or lounge.

Or despite your best planning and efforts to be on time for that all important sales appointment, business meeting, conference or social occasion, it was disastrous and embarrassing for you when your booked transport did not arrive in time or not even turn up at all.

Anxious moments are spent contacting the Company you made the booking with, urgently seeking information as to where in the world the Driver is. When eventually they do arrive, the car is filthy, the driver does not know where to go, nor the most efficient route and safest way to get to your destination and has little English speaking and understanding ability and is unwilling to offer any assistance with your bags or entering or exiting the car.

Unfortunately this has become more common place as traditional Taxi services have struggled to recruit and retain the right people to provide the expected levels of service. In most jurisdictions the inability for transport regulators, bureaucrats and politicians to effectively administer their own policies has led to multi nationals entering the market place with so called riding sharing apps for smart phones. The fact remains if the person purportedly driving the car has been booked and paid via a smart phone app for by a member of the public, then the driver is not ride sharing but offering and operating a taxi service as defined under transport regulations. The risks to the public are obvious and at third world levels.

So as a result many unreliable, substandard taxi services operated by low paid drivers with little knowledge of the ethos of good service are out there. And now virtually anyone with a private motor vehicle and a smart phone app can in a flash ply the roads for hire, so it is no wonder the public are frequently exasperated by the service failures and incompetency. Minimal compensation is the order of the day for these drivers as well as non-compliance with vehicle safety inspections, driver licencing and insurance requirements.

It is a fact of life now that for all those who must arrive on time for meetings, events or transport connections, need to book with reputable operators who have courteous, professional and very experienced Chauffeurs.

At Beginning To End Limousines we know our Clients deserve the best and cannot afford to be disappointed by those passing themselves off as drivers.
We provide our customers with:

Around the clock service to and from anywhere.

Clean Late model, well-appointed air conditioned spacious Sedans with full leather interior, daily newspaper, bottled water and mints.

Uniformed and proficient English speaking, courteous chauffeurs who assist with your luggage.

When booking with BTEL you are assured of service covering the entire window of your requirements, where your luxurious Sedan arrives before the booking time at the requested pick up point.

Your Chauffeur assists with your luggage and smoothly and safely takes you to your destination, respecting your desire for silence and privacy. On arrival we ensure you have every assistance with your belongings.

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